Art nude project

I had a pleasure to work with a beautiful model Natasha J Bella. I always been drone to art nude photography as it embrace the beauty of female body.Natalia Walton photography_portrait-1 natalia walton_fine art_art nude Net-natalia walton_photography_art nude (1 of 1) natalia walton photography_art nude_ fabric_white-COPYIMG_6770-White_natalia walton_photography_artwave-natalia walton_photography_art nude natalia walton photography_art nude_ fabric_white natalia walton photography_art nude_ fabric_white-2 natalia walton photography_art nude_ fabric_white-3   White_natalia walton_photography_art


Sensual portraits

As  I promised before Today i will show first set of boudoir makeover images or just a beautiful sensual portraits of a woman.

Before and after Nicola Boudoir page 1 Boudoir page 2 Boudoir page 3 Boudoir page 4 Boudoir page 5 Boudoir page 6 Boudoir page 7 Boudoir page 8 Boudoir page 9

Boudoir makeover

We never completely satisfied with how we look and that make us feel insecure, unhappy with ourselves. Every day we learn to hate our body even more. We love to torture ourselves by looking at the mirror and finding new thing that we hate about us.

I’m a woman myself and know how hard to love your own body especially then we bombarded by media with perfect looking models. So I decided to run a competition and choose 4 different size woman who are equally beautiful and equally not happy. So with help of my friend and amazing make up artist and hair stylist Louise Shepherd (check her fabulous work at we transferred these insecure women into natural beauty goddesses who looked in a mirror and at last said : YES, WE ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Becki book 1 Kimberley page 1 Before and after Nicola

Boudoir book page 1

And now I challenge you to do one small step to start loving yourself. Every morning stand in front of the mirror and tell one compliment (minimum) and smile. 

Creating Geisha

Today I want to introduce you to my wonderful  creative team who helps me to produce some of my favorite images. My close friend and brilliant make up artist Louise Shepherd, amazing hairstylist Sammy Chilcott,  creative designer Chatlotte  Tuthill  and inventive nail  designer Kally Jackson.  Please check the work of this outstanding women.

 We always love to do a themed shoots there all of us can contribute and show the best of our skills and passion to what we doing every day.   We were always been fascinated by Japanese culture so this week we were creating a Geisha look. We had an outstanding model Evie Beth Moran who agreed to spent a day with us to make this happen. ImageImage

I wanted to create something simple but something that tells a story in one photograph. So after a 3 hours of makeover and a few hours of very fun shoot can proudly present the end result:


For more photos from this shoot or our other shoots please visit my facebook page.

Thank you