Boudoir makeover

We never completely satisfied with how we look and that make us feel insecure, unhappy with ourselves. Every day we learn to hate our body even more. We love to torture ourselves by looking at the mirror and finding new thing that we hate about us.

I’m a woman myself and know how hard to love your own body especially then we bombarded by media with perfect looking models. So I decided to run a competition and choose 4 different size woman who are equally beautiful and equally not happy. So with help of my friend and amazing make up artist and hair stylist Louise Shepherd (check her fabulous work at we transferred these insecure women into natural beauty goddesses who looked in a mirror and at last said : YES, WE ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Becki book 1 Kimberley page 1 Before and after Nicola

Boudoir book page 1

And now I challenge you to do one small step to start loving yourself. Every morning stand in front of the mirror and tell one compliment (minimum) and smile.