Creative portrait

Sometimes you must think hard what to shoot, how to make it different and eye catching. But this time we knew exactly what we want – FEATHERS, MAKEUP and BEAUTIFUL MODEL. Al that we need is a warm for a few minutes to shoot, but we wasn’t lucky this time. It was extremely cold and windy so all the credit to our gorgeous model Cally Jane Beech to make it work and bare that weather basically wearing nothing. Make up and hair was done by Louise Shepherd, amazing make up artist

bird of prey birds of prey. natalia walton birds of prey natalia walton3 birds of prey natalia walton2 birds of prey natalia walton1




Other side of camera

I want to share with you one of my fears. I hate to get my photographs done. Yes, I’m a photographer and i don’t have a photograph of me. Like all other women I have issues with my body, I’m not 20 any more and i always have an excuses not to have photos taken. But last week then i was updating my website i decided that its impossible to avoid anymore . I cant try to convince other women that they are beautiful no matter what size they are, no matter of scares they have  (i have a few scars  myself) without doing it myself. What can i say. I was extremely nervous 🙂 And just want to say huge thank you to Sue Bryce, brilliant Australian photographer, who doesn’t know how big influence she had on me, watching her tutorials on creativeLive. At that moment I remembered her teaching how to pose, how to believe in myself. I’m very please with a result and already ordered my prints. Now i can say i been on the other side and its not scary, just find the right photographer and it will give you the best confidence boost.

natalia walton1sm natalia walton2sm